Best coffee roaster brands around the world

The coffee roasting process is a crucial stage that defines the quality and flavor of this cherished beverage. Behind every aromatic and delicious cup lies the meticulous and artisanal work of the world's most prominent coffee roasters.

In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of the best coffee roaster brands, those that have forged an impeccable reputation and a legacy of excellence in the art of roasting.

From small independent roasters to internationally recognized names, these brands have showcased their passion for highlighting the unique flavors and aromas of coffee beans from various corners of the globe.

So, if you're a coffee lover seeking to indulge in a truly exceptional experience, join us on this journey through the finest coffee roaster brands in the world.

Workshop Coffee Co

A specialty coffee roaster based in the United Kingdom.

Workshop is a London classic, not only serving its coffee in its own chain of city stores but also in a good number of other cafés. Their goal is to bring coffee enthusiasts clean, sweet, and fresh batches of coffee, a pursuit they've been dedicated to for nearly a decade.


Artisanal roasting in Medellín, Colombia.

The Pergamino roastery aims to bring out the true potential of each coffee bean. They don't seek to roast dark and make all coffees taste the same; their master roaster is committed to preserving the local character of each coffee, ensuring you can savor it in every cup you brew.

Pergamino was created with the aim of changing the game in the world of specialty coffees. They grow their own coffee or work with incredible small producers from all over Colombia, and then they artfully roast these coffees in Medellín, right in the heart of Colombia.

Luckie Beans

A specialty coffee roaster based in the United Kingdom.

On some scale maps, Luckie Beans is only a few millimeters away from the Scottish border. Situated at the northern tip of Northumberland, Luckie Beans roasts a wide range of coffees in an 18th-century building and supplies coffee to individual consumers and cafes across the UK.

Falcon Coffee Roasters

A specialty coffee roaster based in the United Arab Emirates.

Falcon Coffee Roasters is a coffee supply company in the UAE. They specialize in roasting beans at the peak of freshness, helping people lose themselves in the lingering aroma and distinctive flavors.

Their team works to deliver an unforgettable experience to their customers, from uniquely roasted coffee beans to their preparation. Their beans hail from various parts of the world, bringing you closer to those places as you savor your cup of coffee.

Barrington Coffee

A specialty coffee roaster based in the USA.

Barrington is a well-established roaster, founded in 1993, located just outside of Boston in Lee, Massachusetts.

Their passion lies in discovering the best and most interesting coffees from around the world each season, roasting them to perfection, and delivering them fresh to their customers. They believe that truly good coffee should be roasted to highlight its inherent quality without overwhelming it with roasting, and that's what sets Café Barrington apart.

Broadsheet Coffee

A specialty coffee roaster based in the USA.

As a cafe/roaster, Broadsheet serves their selected roasted beans directly to their customers. They also have an online retail offering and support local cafes through their wholesale coffee.

Their goal with each coffee is to emphasize sweetness, balance, and ease of preparation while highlighting unique and exceptional flavors. They continuously refine their roasting skills and quality control through extensive national roasting and tasting competitions, often coming out on top.

Coffee Town

Coffee roasters in Argentina.

They are a group of coffee roasters working to ensure the highest quality of coffee. Their tasters analyze coffee beans before and after roasting to ensure their coffee standards and cupping scores are always "Grand Cru" or Specialty and Premium.

Coffee Town roasters study each coffee and execute the indicated roast profiles to optimize aroma, flavor, and body. Baristas rigorously apply correct preparation techniques according to international protocols and use the most suitable method for each type of coffee.

Café Mattina

A specialty coffee roaster based in the United Arab Emirates.

Mattina Coffee was born out of a passion for coffee and the inspiration of specialty coffee roasters to share their knowledge with the regional market.

Their team of Q-grader certified roasters works diligently to extract the perfect aroma and flavor from each coffee bean. Each batch is cupped separately to verify its quality. The roastery holds ISO2200 certification and is equipped with the latest roasting technology from Germany's PROBAT.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters

A specialty coffee roaster based in Australia.

They are a team of specialty coffee professionals with the knowledge, experience, and skills to grow your coffee business.

They only work with the world's best coffee farmers to source meticulously grown beans. They pay attention not only to grain quality but also to innovation, training, and service.

Whether you're after a rich, full-bodied espresso or a light, refreshing coffee blend, Veneziano Specialty Coffee Roasters can deliver.

Fam Kahve Family

Fam Kahve Family is a specialty coffee roaster that combines good coffee with good life choices. With them, you'll find special seasonal coffee beans, coffee equipment, and barista training.

They carefully select the coffees they offer from a wide range and present a selection that covers all beverage preferences.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

A specialty coffee roaster based in the Netherlands.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters is headquartered in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam. Led by coffee professionals Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam, winners of multiple barista championships.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters celebrates local history but is also open about their international aspirations. They focus on bringing the flavor of the origin to your coffee cup. All of Manhattan's coffees are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Café Bailies

A specialty coffee roaster based in Ireland.

From their base in Belfast, Bailies is on a mission to craft top-class coffee, honoring the skilled work of growing the green beans they import.

Bailies directly sources from their farming partners to ensure fair treatment and secure some of the world's best coffees.

From refinement in their coffee lab to investment in the latest roasting technology from their Probat partners, they strive to uncover the distinct inherent flavors of each coffee.

April Coffee Roasters

A specialty coffee roaster based in Denmark.

April is a coffee roaster headquartered in Copenhagen with a vision to progress the way coffee is roasted.

April focuses on roasting coffee. That's what they do. Their profession and passion. They roast all products in their Copenhagen roastery. They don't engage in white label projects; they focus on sourcing better green coffee and producing the highest-quality roasts.

The best coffee roaster brands in the world stand out for their dedication and mastery in the art of roasting. Through their passion and emphasis on quality, these brands have captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Every cup of coffee we enjoy is the result of their hard work and commitment to excellence, providing us with a unique and memorable experience in every sip.