Top 50 Best Colombian Coffee Brands

Colombia is known for being the third-largest producer of coffee beans in the world, and is recognized for its culture surrounding this ancient crop. It has a Coffee Cultural Landscape, endorsed by UNESCO, which attracts millions of curious tourists each year, who are eager to learn about our centuries-old traditions around coffee.

The characteristics of our fertile volcanic soil, the Arabica variety of beans we extract, and the artisanal harvesting methods employed by coffee farmers in high and majestic mountains, make Colombian coffee one of the best in the world.

Currently, Colombia has over 1,000 companies and brands authorized by the "Federación de Cafeteros de Colombia" o commercialize coffee with a 100% Colombian origin seal, and over 600,000 farms that produce, wash, roast, and market our beans.

So, in this article, we will review the 50 best coffee brands from Colombia, most of which are specialty, so that, from now on, you’ll know which product to choose from our Coffee Shop and enjoy in the comfort of your home.

1. Grato Geisha (90 points ⭐)

Café especial Grato Geisha

Grato Geisha Coffee is a very special and high-quality coffee variety that has a fascinating history behind it. Originating from the mountainous region of Geisha, a town in southwestern Ethiopia, this variety is characterized by very tall trees with elongated leaves and a large amount of vegetation.

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Since its discovery in the 1930s, Geisha coffee has become popular for its sweetness, clarity, and brilliant flavors that can range from citrusy notes to those of papaya, mango, and even jasmine. The rarity and exquisite nature of these flavors have made Geisha one of the most exclusive varieties in the world, and a favorite in global barista competitions.

If you want to experience one of the most captivating coffee varieties in the world, try the special Grato Geisha coffee. With its liqueur-like flavor and notes of jasmine, lime, chamomile, and ripe fruits, and its intense fragrance of yellow fruits and lime, this coffee will leave you breathless.

In addition, its bright acidity and light, juicy body make it ideal to savor each sip with delight. Grato Geisha coffee is grown in the Huila region, specifically in Garzón, at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level, and it is medium roasted to highlight the unique flavors and aromas of this coffee variety.

2. San Alberto Specialty Coffee (89 points ⭐)

Café especial San Alberto

San Alberto is a premium specialty coffee cultivated in the Colombian San Alberto estate. This coffee goes through a process called "Quintuple Selection", which has positioned it as the most awarded coffee in Colombia.

The San Antonio estate is located in the municipality of Buenavista, 45 minutes from Armenia, specifically in the Quindio region. Its origin dates back to 1972 when Gustavo Leyva Monroy acquired the estate and began planting coffee using techniques from French vineyards at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.

The "Quintuple Selection" process consists of five filters through which each bean passes before being packaged and marketed. These are: 1) meticulous grain picking; 2) manual sorting and immersion in water tanks to extract floating beans; 3) measurement of bean size by passing them through screens to ensure uniformity; 5) evaluation by tasters to define its balance and cup profile.

The quality of this process has allowed San Antonio Coffee to win twelve international awards, including the gold recognition for four consecutive years (2014 through 2017) and the High-Quality Trophy, both awarded by the Monde Selection in Belgium.

As for its flavor, it stands out with sweet and aromatic notes, emanating a fragrance of caramel and dark chocolate. It has a creamy body and a citrus acidity.

3. San Alberto Corazón Geisha Specialty Coffee (89 points ⭐)

Café especial San Alberto Corazón Geisha

Also produced in Quindio - Buenavista, this San Alberto coffee is composed of 90% Geisha variety and 10% Caturra and Castillo. It is one of the best coffees in Colombia as it has been one of the most awarded, also recognized for its flagship Quintuple Selection process, which guarantees the consistency of its qualities.

It is a specialty coffee with flavors of jasmine, fruity notes, and lemongrass. It has a fragrance with floral and herbal notes, as well as a medium and citrus acidity.

4. Gota Negra Specialty Coffee (89 points ⭐)

Café especial Gota Negra

Gota Negra Coffee is a specialty coffee that stands out for its intensity and depth of flavors. It comes from the Bourbon family and is originally from the Circasia region in Quindío, which is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. It has a bright acidity and a dense body.

It is characterized by its natural process, which includes a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation before drying, which allows the bean to absorb the properties of the mucilage and cherry.

This process results in a coffee with pronounced intensity and flavor, with notes of fruit, dark chocolate, and nuts. Its fragrance and aroma have hints of dark chocolate, cocoa, and peanut butter. Try it and be amazed by the intensity and complexity of its flavors.

5. Inefable Specialty Coffee (89 points ⭐)

Café especial Inefable

Inefable Coffee is a specialty Colombian coffee. Its beans are harvested in three different municipalities that are part of The Eje Cafetero: Nariño, Tolima, and Quindío.

The coffee growers from each of the farms meticulously select their best beans, guaranteeing excellence in the taste, fragrance, and body of each cup.

We invite you to try its 3 different origins, available in our coffee shop, and enjoy its variety.

Inefable Naranja from El Tambo - Nariño.

Inefable Azul from Planadas - Tolima.

Inefable Verde from Buena Vista - Quindío.

6. Q Coffee Gran Reserva Specialty Coffee (88 points ⭐)

Café especial Q coffee Gran reserva Gran Reserva is a true emblem of Colombian specialty coffee. Each bean is carefully selected and undergoes rigorous examination by a panel of 5 Q Graders, ensuring a quality standard above 88 on the Specialty Coffee Association of America scale. The result is a coffee that achieves an exceptional sensory balance, a result of meticulous selection and evaluation.

This coffee originates from the Antioquia region, in Urrao, and has a chocolaty flavor with fruity notes of pineapple and orange. Its fragrance is of dark chocolate with a fruity wine touch. The aroma combines honey and chocolate. In terms of acidity, it is citrus, with a medium and creamy body.

The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level and has a medium roast. Overall, Gran Reserva is a high-quality specialty coffee that stands out for its sensory balance, chocolate flavor, fruity notes, and citrus acidity, making it a unique and delicious coffee.

7. Q Coffee Gran Reserva Luxury Specialty Coffee (88 points ⭐)

Café especial Q Coffee Gran Reserva Luxury Gran Reserva Luxury Edition is one of the best specialty coffees from Colombia, distinguished by its grain-to-grain selection process, which creates the perfect sensory balance. This coffee has undergone rigorous examination by a panel of 5 Q Graders, which demands a quality standard above 88 on the Specialty Coffee Association of America scale.

This Colombian coffee, originating from the Antioquia-Urrao region, offers a unique flavor experience with notes of chocolate, fruits, pineapple, and orange. Its fragrance combines the aromas of chocolate, fruits, and wine, while its aroma is a delicious blend of honey and chocolate.

The citrus acidity, medium and creamy body, and its altitude of 1800 meters above sea level complete the sensory experience of this coffee. Additionally, its medium roast further highlights its flavor and aroma. Gran Reserva Luxury Edition is an exceptional coffee distinguished by its quality and careful selection process. From its aroma to its flavor, this coffee is a delight to the senses.

8. Almendra Selecta Amagá Specialty Coffee (88 points ⭐)

Café especial Almendra

Almendra Selecta is a coffee brand that originates in the Antioquia coffee region. They work with coffee farmers with knowledge in natural resource conservation and ecological production, constantly training them to expand their expertise in coffee production and its various processes.

Amagá Coffee is a Colombian specialty coffee of high altitude, of the Caturra Arabica variety, harvested in the region of the same name at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

It is characterized by its sweet fragrance, with hints of caramel, almond, and yellow fruits, its aroma of chocolate, medium-citrus acidity, and silky body.

9. Madre Selva Finca La Colombia Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Café Especial Madre Selva Finca La Colombia

Madre Selva is a Colombian brand with over 100 years of history that produces a variety of specialty coffees. Its value proposition is based on protecting natural reserves and Colombian fauna throughout the cultivation process.

This coffee is grown in the “Hacienda La Colombia” located in Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, at an altitude of 1,810 meters above sea level. It undergoes 36 hours of open-tank fermentation, and its quality has earned it 87 points on the Specialty Coffee Association of America scale.

"Hacienda La Colombia" has been around for over 70 years and has 20 hectares of natural reserves adorned with 8,000 coffee trees. This origin coffee has a delicate and smooth fine acidity, with floral and aromatic notes of rose, cherry, red fruits, and blueberries.

10. Madre Selva Finca La Gabriela Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Café Especial Madre Selva Finca La Gabriela

The La Gabriela farm, located in Ciudad Bolívar - Antioquia, is one of the oldest in this family of coffees; and it is where Madre Selva produces its delicious coffee with notes of dark chocolate and wine at 1640 meters above sea level

Its fragrance stands out with sweet notes of fruits, red apple, peach, and wine. It is of the Castillo variety, with medium acidity, body, and roast.

11. Madre Selva Finca La Reserva Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Café Especial Madre Selva Finca la Reserva

Madre Selva Finca La Reserva special coffee is produced in a 200 hectare natural reserve territory, where they protect animal species such as the Ocelot and Andean Bear. The characteristics of its soil have allowed them to produce special coffee varieties such as Pink Bourbon and Caturra.

The coffee produced on this farm, also located in Ciudad Bolívar - Antioquia, has flavor notes of flowers, panela (unrefined cane sugar), citrus, peach, and caramel. It has a bright acidity, a washed process, and a medium roast.

12. Los Frailes Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Café Especial Los Frailes

Los Frailes Coffee is a 100% Colombian specialty coffee that owes its name to the monks who participated in the discovery of this ancient beverage in distant Abyssinia - Africa during the 6th century.

It is a coffee produced in Antioquia - Fredonia at 1900 meters above sea level, known for its intense fragrances of vanilla, Swiss chocolate, and caramel. It has a flavor of honey, citrus, wine, prune, juicy with a long-lasting aftertaste, a medium creamy body, and medium-high acidity.

13. Macizo Bourbon Rosado Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Café Especial Macizo Bourbon Rosado

The Macizo brand is characterized by itsspecialty coffees in which they select seasonal beans and independent micro-lots, making them exclusive and limited editions.

Particularly, their Bourbon Rosado presentation is a special coffee made in the Municipality of Acevedo, specifically in Huila, at an altitude of 1,650-1,700 meters above sea level. It has a fragrance of Orange Blossom, a honey-like flavor, and notes of lemongrass and arazá.

14. Macizo Geisha Specialty Coffee (87 points ⭐)

Another specialty from the Macizo brand is their Geisha coffee, which is produced in the Municipality of Anolaima in Cundinamarca at an altitude of 1657 meters above sea level. It emits an aroma of jasmine and roses and has a taste of cocoa, blueberries, peach, with hints of vanilla and mandarin.

15. Macizo Cundinamarca Blend Specialty Coffee (86 points ⭐)

Café Especial  Macizo Cundinamarca Blend

Macizo Cundinamarca Blend coffee is a specialty coffee that you can find in our Coffee Shop. It is a yellow Bourbon harvested in the Pulí region at an altitude of 18.10 meters above sea level.

Delight your taste buds with its caramel flavor, sweet and citrus notes. It also has a citrus acidity and a medium body.

16. Colombian Exotic Bourbon Rosado Specialty Coffee (86 points ⭐)

Colombian Exotic Bourbon Rosado

Colombia Exotic Coffee is a specialty coffee that arises from the diversity and richness of Colombia. It comes from the Huila region, San Agustín, and is the result of the work of small producers who, with passion and dedication, cultivate and process their beans by hand, preserving the traditions and culture of Colombian coffee.

This coffee is grown at altitudes of up to 1750 meters above sea level, in rich and fertile soils, under the sun and rain of the mountains of Huila, San Agustín. The unique climatic conditions of the region, along with the variety of coffee used and the controlled fermentation process, give Colombian Exotic Coffee its fruity flavor with honey, aromas, and sweet notes.

In the cup, Colombian Exotic Coffee offers a complete sensory experience. Its fragrance combines the aromas of peach and fruits, while its aroma is a delicious mixture of peach and fruits, reflecting the variety and richness of Colombia's flora and fauna.

The juicy acidity and delicate body of this coffee provide a perfect balance to its flavor, allowing you to enjoy its taste without being overwhelming. Its medium roast further enhances its character, maintaining the unique characteristics of the region and the coffee variety.

17. La Divisa Specialty Coffee - Balanced Special Coffee with Chocolate and Panela Notes (83 points ⭐)

La Divisa is the first sustainable company that produces specialty coffee in Colombia, specifically in the La Perla and La Esperanza Estate located at 1,600 meters above sea level. It is characterized by its volcanic soils from the Nevado del Ruiz and its proximity to the "El Campeón" stream.

La Divisa has three purposes in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN:

  • Gender equality: It is the first 100% women-operated specialty coffee factory in Colombia.
  • Responsible production and consumption: The brand has an alliance with artisans from Tunjuelito, "Ecomujeres by La Divisa," who weave gift bags in which the coffees are delivered.
  • Reduction of inequalities.

Their balanced special coffee with chocolate and panela notes offers a 100% Arabica variety, and is characterized by being produced through three selection processes, a medium roast, a sweet and chocolaty aroma, as well as a balanced flavor with chocolate and panela notes.

18. Divino - Celestial La Tagua Specialty Coffee

The Colombian brand Café Divino produces its coffee in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In particular, the Celestial La Tagua product is made in the region of the same name, which is the high part of the Sierra and is characterized by being a settlement where most of its inhabitants work cultivating coffee.

This coffee is processed through a washed process, but with anaerobic fermentation in cherry and a medium-low roast. Its aroma is of sugarcane, vanilla, and nuts, and its flavor includes notes of nuts and vanilla.

19. Divino - Primordial Specialty Coffee

This version of Café Divino has sweet and nutty notes, a medium acidity, a high and uniform body, as well as a flavor of chocolate and nuts.

20. Juan Valdez Antioquia Specialty Coffee

Café Especial Juan Valdez Antioquia

Juan Valdez is a renowned Colombian coffee brand, created by the "Federación Nacional de Cafeteros" in 1960, which needs no introduction. Their Antioquia special coffee is inspired by this department, which has over 180 years of coffee culture tradition.

This coffee of origin, specifically harvested in Los Andes at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, has flavor notes of panela, red plum, and red apple. It is characterized by a medium acidity and herbal fragrances.

21. Juan Valdez - Finca Specialty Coffee

Café Especial Juan Valdez - Finca

Juan Valdez Specialty Coffee - Finca is originated from the Andes - Antioquia, harvested at 1800 meters above sea level. It has an intense flavor and herbal notes. It has a medium aroma and acidity, as well as a dark roast. The best part? You can get it in our Coffee Shop.

22. Amor Perfecto Specialty Coffee- Samuel Bermudez Laurina

Amor Perfecto is another brand that needs no introduction. However, it is important to know its origin: it started as a gift shop that offered one of the best coffees in Bogotá and then expanded with the goal of allowing Colombia to drink the best coffee in the world (their own).

This is because in the mid-90s, Colombia was known for exporting the best green coffee in the world, but the coffee consumed domestically was of poor quality, and all this was thanks to the law known as "Pasilla y Ripio."

Amor Perfecto broke with this scheme and bought the coffee beans that were not exported for domestic consumption, thus creating one of the best Colombian coffee brands, whose presentations are identified with the name of the coffee grower

In this case, the "Samuel Bermudez" edition comes from the Cauca region with a Laurina variety. It has a flavor of malt, plum, and caramel, as well as a spicy aroma and fragrance of peanuts and malt. It has a medium tartaric acidity and a medium body.

23. Amor Perfecto Specialty Coffee - Familia Campos Roa - Papayo

Another one of the best coffees in Colombia is from Amor Perfecto, which is harvested by the Campos Claro Family in the Huila region - Papayo. It has a flavor of plum, tea, and caramel, as well as an aroma and fragrance of nuts with caramel. It has a medium malic acidity combined with green grape and a medium-heavy body.

24. Libertario Rock Specialty Coffee

Libertario is a brand and coffee shop of specialty coffees based in Bogotá, but their products come from different regions of the coffee cultural landscape, such as Tolima, Huila, Cundinamarca, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In the Rock edition, you can find different versions of coffee: it can be Pacamara, Bourbon Sidra, Geisha, Bourbon Rosado, among others. Some of these have a silky body and citrus notes of spices and panela.

25. Colo Wush Wush Specialty Coffee

Wush Wush coffee comes from southwestern Ethiopia, specifically from the community of the same name, which is famous for its coffee and tea-producing lands. Its seed arrived in South America three decades ago, and Colombian soil successfully hosted it thanks to the altitude and fertility of Colombian lands. Colo Café is a local brand that commercializes and exports this coffee through its specialized stores located in Bogotá.

The origin of Colo Café's Wush Wush is Pichindé, Valle del Cauca, which is sold under the "Ancestros" line. It has an anaerobic fermentation of 280 hours and tasting notes of strawberry, Swiss chocolate, cedar, and orange.

26. Vereda La Central - Café & Ron Specialty Coffee

Vereda La Central is a Colombian company that produces coffee with a social impact mission, seeking fair treatment of farmers in terms of payments, negotiations, and commercial agreements to improve their quality of life.

Their rum-toned coffee is one of the best in Colombia: hey use barrels from Parce Rum, the best Colombian rum, to guarantee proper aging of the coffee. The coffee is left to rest in the barrel for a certain period, absorbing the aromas and flavors of American oak, and then it is removed to be roasted and blended with chocolate.

After being roasted at 200°C, the remaining alcohol is evaporated, which is why the final beverage is not alcoholic.

27. Vereda La Central: Café Orgánico - Tolima Specialty Coffee

The Organic Coffee from Tolima is another special edition from Vereda La Central, certified with Eco-Cert and USDA Organic labels. It is a variety of Castillo-Caturra beans that yield sweet notes of vanilla and chocolate, as well as subtle cedar notes that provide a woody touch.

28. Varietale - El Reposo Specialty Coffee

Varietale is a coffee brand that combines traditional Colombian flavors, and its products stand out for their sweetness and acidity. They are known for purchasing the beans from the producer at a high price to generate incentives and support local trade.

Reposo Coffee comes from the farm of the same name. It is a delicious Bourbon with an aroma of cocoa, a medium and silky body, a fruity flavor, and caramel notes. Additionally, it has a bright acidity.

29.Varietale - La quinta Specialty Coffee

Varietale La Quinta is a delicious Castillo coffee produced on the farm of the same name located in Santander - Rio Negro, by coffee grower Campo Elias Flechas.

It undergoes aerobic fermentation in the cherry for 24 hours and is sun-dried. It has sweet aromas of almond, a medium and creamy body, a flavor of apple and caramel, and malic acidity.

30. Catación Pública - Jambaló Doble Fermentación Specialty Coffee

Catación Pública is a high-quality Colombian coffee roaster that offers workshops on roasting, extraction, coffee milling, and barista skills. They have a certified laboratory by the Specialty Coffee Association of the United States (SCA) to support their development.

They commercialize a wide variety of Colombian coffees, including Jambaló, which is produced in the homonymous region located in Cauca, with a double fermentation of 15 hours in the cherry, 30 hours after depulping, and drying for 12 days at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.

31. Pergamino Alto de Letras Specialty Coffee

In the world of coffee, the word "Pergamino" refers to the silver-colored husk that protects the bean from moisture and is removed during the processing stage.

With this name, one of the most popular Colombian brands was baptized, with specialized stores located in Medellín. Its "Alto de Letras" edition is inspired by cycling, which is a flagship sport in Colombian culture and history, and is characterized by pronounced notes of dark chocolate, hints of ripe fruits, and honey.

Alto de Letras is an 80 km uphill climb that has represented a significant challenge for the cycling community in the country, and this coffee is marketed as fuel for tired cyclists who take on the challenge.

32. Café 18 - Master Blend Specialty Coffee (87 points⭐)

Café Especial Café 18 - Master Bled

"Café 18" is a company that exports Colombian coffee. Its name is derived from the "supreme 18," one of the first classifications of specialty coffees in Colombia

This company directly purchases the beans from the producer, processes, roasts, and distributes the grounds to various parts of the world. The value chain of their specialty coffees benefits over 650 families in several departments of the country.

Their “Café 18 Master Bled” won a Gold Medal at the Monde Selection Awards 2019, a contest that has been recognizing food, beverages, and cosmetics since 1961, organized by the commercial company International Institute for Quality Selections located in Brussels, Belgium.

Originating from Huila, this coffee contains Geisha and Bourbon Rosado varieties, combined with a Castillo variety coffee with a natural process. It offers fruity and floral notes, a creamy body, and suitable acidity.

33. Café 18 - Castillo Vino Specialty Coffee

Castillo Vino coffee from "Café 18" is one of the best coffees in Colombia. The beans are harvested every 21 days when the cherries are a deep red color, reaching an average of 18° to 20° Brix (degree of ripeness).

This coffee is aged in Oloroso Wine barrels, resulting in a flavor profile of raspberry, black plum, and wine. It has a malic acidity resembling grapes and a silky medium body.

34. Café 18 - Pacamara Specialty Coffee

Pacamara coffee is cultivated on Juan Martín Farm, located in Sotará - Cauca at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. It has notes of black grapes, coffee cherry, and wines. It has a silky body and elegant acidity. Juan Martín is Banexport's new project, aiming to produce the best coffees in the world.

35. Azahar Arcoiris Specialty Coffee

Azahar is a Colombian brand that produces and exports coffee. It has several stores in Bogotá and one in Armenia. It is known for paying a fixed price to the farmers, which is higher and more stable than the market price, with the purpose of recognizing their work and the quality of the coffee.

In fact, the Arcoiris coffee was created to honor the craftsmanship of the producers, and its name derives from the blend of different beans. It has tones of plum, panela, and black tea.

36. Azahar - Fruta Specialty Coffee

Azahar Fruta is a fruit blend coffee that is planned from the harvest stage, as the brand agrees with the producers on the entire process to guarantee a quality cup.

here is also diligent work in post-harvest to maintain quality in the depulping, washing, fermentation, and drying of the coffee. It features predominant flavors and fragrances of rosewater, honey, and strawberry juice.

37. Inmaculada Specialty Coffee

Café Inmaculada is a specialty coffee brand known for producing some of the best coffees in the world. Its plantations are located in the Pichindé district, Cali municipality, at altitudes ranging from 1650 to 2000 meters above sea level. Notably, they cultivate Sudan Rume, Laurina, Geisha, Bourbons, and the species known as Eugeniodes.

Their specialty blend coffee has flavors of chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruits. The Castillo beans were cultivated between 1600-1800 meters above sea level and processed through a natural anaerobic process.

38. Urbania - Paz Specialty Coffee

Urbania is a socially and environmentally responsible Colombian coffee company. Through its motto "A good coffee is coffee that is good to others," it seeks to raise awareness about the positive impact that coffee extraction and trade should have on our country.

The "Paz" line of specialty coffees was created with the purpose of contributing to the peace-building efforts in territories affected by violence and armed conflict, such as Dabeiba, Briceño, and Peque in the department of Antioquia.

This coffee has flavors of chocolate, caramel, and red fruits.. It features a variety of Castillo beans harvested at 1800 meters above sea level in Antioquia.

39. "Desarrolladores de Café" - Exotic Fruity: Bourbon Rosado y Geisha Specialty Coffee

The Exotic Fruity coffee from "Desarrolladores de Café" is one of the best coffees in Colombia. It is produced in the San Adolfo region of Huila, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, through a honey process. It has notes of cinnamon, cherry, and mandarin. Additionally, it is characterized by a Scandinavian-style roast.

40. Café Tío Conejo

Tío Conejo is a specialty coffee brand that harvests Geisha coffee and processes it using the Honey or Natural method. Their 23-hectare farm is located in Manizales, a city that belongs to the Coffee Cultural Landscape and is situated on the Central Andes mountain range, near the Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

Their "Geisha Honey" coffee is very elegant, with bright acidity and a silky body. It is harvested at 2000 meters above sea level. Its cup profile features citrus flavors of mandarin, raspberry, tamarind, and lemon tea.

41. Lavaive Specialty Coffee Inmaculada Special Edition.

In addition, they have a school called "Coffee Business" where they provide knowledge about coffee business for entrepreneurs who want to venture into this sector.

Their Special Edition coffee features a variety of beans and is harvested on the Inmaculada farm, located in the Pinchindé-Cali Municipality at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level.

It is produced through a natural anaerobic process and has a fragrance of lychee, plum, and an aroma of honey, bergamot, and brown sugar. PIt also has flavors of lychee, plum, brown sugar, malic acidity, and a silky body.

42. Terrario - Café mandarino Specialty Coffee

Terrario is a coffee shop located in Medellín that produces its own specialty coffees. With over 17 years as a production company, they have 5.4 hectares of coffee plantations.

Their new specialty, "Mandarin Coffee," comes from the municipality of San Jerónimo in Antioquia. It is grown and harvested by coffee farmer Sandra Gomez. It is a blend of the magarojipe and caturro fruits, which provide notes of yellow fruits.

43. La Primavera Specialty Coffee

“La Primavera Café Gourmet” is a brand with a 45-year history that cultivates, harvests, mills, and roasts its own origin coffee on their farm of the same name located in the municipality of Concordia, at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level in the western mountain range.

Their "Gourmet" edition coffee is a medium-bodied coffee with flavors of sugarcane and panela, and an aroma of chocolate and caramel. It is harvested at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, with a fragrance of chocolate and caramel, medium-high citrus acidity, and a medium body.

44. Quindío Specialty Coffee - Edición especial Chocolate

Café Quindío is a company that has been producing 100% Colombian coffee since 1992. They are located in the region of Armenia, Quindío, where they hand-pick cherries, classify them, and roast them at an optimal temperature. They also have a coffee school.

Their special edition coffee with flavors of chocolate and panela has an aroma of sugarcane and a medium acidity.. As one of the best coffee brands in Colombia, they offer exclusive cups that result from artisanal production, selecting the perfect beans.

45. Velvet Specialty Coffee - Esmeralda Tropical Diego Samuel Bermudez

Velvet Specialty Coffee was born in 2014 from the idea that Colombian coffee tastes best in the country where it is produced, and there is great interest from people to become experts in its preparation and tasting.

Their Esmeralda Tropical coffee is produced by Diego Samuel Bermudez, a coffee farmer on El Paraíso farm located in Piendamó, Cauca, at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level. It is produced through a thermal shock with Catarro and Bourbon seeds; resulting in notes of papaya punch and pineapple. They currently have a store in Poblado, Medellín, where you can enjoy this delicious creation.

46. Valle de Umbra Specialty Coffee - Café Premium Tostión Media

Valle de Umbra is a company dedicated to the cultivation, production, distribution, and export of Colombian mild coffees, specifically premium and specialty coffees with flavors and aromas that evoke our country.

Their coffee production takes place in different areas of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape, specifically in the municipalities of Belén de Umbría in Risaralda, Filandia in Quindío, Ulloa and Alcalá in Valle del Cauca, at altitudes ranging from 1400 to 1600 meters above sea level.

Their premium coffee comes from a 100% Arabica Castillo variety, without blends or additives. The fruits are hand-picked and roasted in fluid bed roasters to achieve uniformity in the process.

It is a smooth coffee with sweet tones, chocolate notes, a clean, balanced, and aromatic cup. The packaging is a trilayer laminated bag that is 80% eco-friendly.

47. Don Gallego Specialty Coffee - Línea diamante

Don Gallego is a specialty coffee brand with plantations in Belén, Risaralda. Their farm, Buena Vista, has been working for over 30 years to bring the best coffee to Colombian households. They were recently awarded the top ten land diversity FNC 2022 and top roast 2022.

Buena Vista farm has over 14,000 geisha trees, and one of their most emblematic coffees belonging to the Diamond line is produced through an anaerobic washed process.

This process starts with ripe cherries that are fermented, depulped, classified, and then undergo anaerobic fermentation in a reactor dryer with dehumidification system. This coffee has notes of tropical fruits, tamarind, watermelon, honey, vanilla, and floral tones.

48. Uba Specialty Coffee - Capitán Mark

"Café Uba" is a brand owned by Café Fino S.A.S and is located in the coffee cultural landscape. Their coffee growers are passionate about the flavors and aromas of specialty coffee. Their goal is to market 100% Colombian products, produced responsibly and sustainably on the "La Riviera" farm.

Capitán Mark is one of their most emblematic specialty coffees, known for its oak, rum, and vanilla tones. It is made through an infusion process, using caturra beans at 1,400 meters above sea level. During the coffee fermentation process, liquor is added to achieve the distinctive tones of this coffee.

49. Uba Specialty Coffee - Amanecer

Uba - Amanecer coffee is also produced on the "La Riviera" farm, but with Borbon Amarillo beans harvested at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level. It has a flavor profile of sugar, honey, and mandarin, and is processed through a washing method that involves depulping and fermenting the coffee for 20-24 hours, followed by washing and sun drying.

50. Uba Specialty Coffee - Calala

In our list of the best coffees in Colombia, we cannot overlook the "Calala" edition from Café Uba, known for its pineapple, green apple, and caramel tones. It is harvested at 1,400 meters above sea level, with caturra beans. The production process involves "culturing," a technique that uses starter cultures of fruits, aromatic plants, and microorganisms to ferment the beans.